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Khaki Cream

Wisco Stone sandstone is tested as extremely dense and durable sandstone.  It is also, not surprisingly, proven one of the oldest found to date.

This natural buff sandstone offers a variety of combinations with the split ledge allowing customers to create something their neighbor can’t match.  Shade in a natural stone that can stand the test of time.

  • Khaki Cream-finished
  • Khaki Cream Home sized
  • Khaki Cream - Wall
  • Khaki Cream - with sill sized
  • Khaki Cream2
  • Khaki Cream Whole House sized
  • Khaki Cream - Machine Split
  • Khaki Cream Home
  • Khaki Cream Close-Up
  • Khaki Cream Home with natural stone sill
  • Khaki Cream Project from a Distance
  • Khaki Cream Home